The Right Gear to Get You Going

Creating engaging video on social media is more about understanding what your audience is willing to watch, and not so much about being over-produced. If all you have to work with is your smartphone, that’s enough if done right. However, a few inexpensive items can make the task a little easier.


Get nice steady shots by using a simple tripod. You may already have one at home, but if not they can be had for less than $25 at your local department store. You don’t need anything fancy since you’re only trying to support a lightweight smartphone.

Many of you will have the tripod, but are likely missing the attachment that holds the phone on the tripod. A quick solution is to remove the head of any selfie-stick and screw it on to the tripod mount. The fitting is universal in nearly all cases. You can usually find selfie-sticks at the dollar store.

For a quick solution order it here on Amazon:


Your smartphone was designed to be close to your mouth when speaking, so when recording video, the further you are from the phone the worse the audio sounds. To overcome this you can use and external microphone that connects directly into your phone.

We suggest two different types depending on the type of video you are shooting. For video home shows or for community interviews we suggest using a lavalier mic that clips on to your shirt. Get the two pack so you have one for you and one for the person you are interviewing.

Additionally, you may want a handheld microphone for that “man on the street” style of interview.

Don’t forget a mic extension cord, they’re only a few dollars and give you a much greater range.


Keep your videos short and engaging by using video editing software.  When it comes to video in social media – shorter is better. Make your videos engaging to watch by using video editing software where you can add additional video footage to help “tell the story.”

There are many video editing programs that will work, and the one we recommend is Adobe Premiere Elements. It has all the functionality you’ll need to create engaging videos with an easy-to-use interface.


It’s best practice to get a video release form signed by those in your video. We have a generic version below that you can see.


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